Important terminologies that you must learn about blackjack

by Olivia Lee

Blackjack is an integral part of any casino website. This game is so popular that many people visit casinos just to play this game. This game is a combination of both luck and skill. People love to play this game since it is highly rewarding. Moreover, the rules associated with it are simple, and each round does not take much time to complete. Therefore, players can easily stop the game after any round and move on to the next game.

If you check the games category of any casino website, you will find the option of blackjack. One such website that offers this game is Mega888. This website has also launched the Mega888 apk for mobile gaming platforms. Therefore, if you wish to play on Mega888 apk download it from the website.

It is important that you know some important terminologies related to the blackjack game. Some of them include:


The blackjack game is a game of numbers. Every card holds a value. You need to add up the values of the cards that you have in your hand. When the summation of all the values equals 21, it is called the blackjack. 21 is the jackpot number for blackjack. If you hit an exact 21, you will surely win the game.


As long as the total value of cards in your hand is less than 21, you are allowed to draw cards from the deck. Whenever you draw a card, you add its value to the total that you have in hand. In any case, if your total value surpasses the magic number 21, you are busted. In that case, you have lost the round. There is no point for you to draw cards anymore.


As stated earlier, you are eligible to draw as many cards as you want when the total value is less than 21. Every time you draw a card from the deck, it is called a hit. You have every right to ask for a hit till you decide you should stand or you get busted.


If you decide not to draw any more cards to your hand, you can call for stand. Most players decide to stand when they feel that the total value might surpass the magic number. That is, they have a high chance of getting busted. When you decide to stand, the dealer can then start playing his hands.

Double Down

When you play blackjack, you have the chance to double your betting amount at any round. Most players go for this option when they are sure to win the round. However, you might end up losing more if the dealer hits a blackjack.


If you think that you might lose the round, you can surrender half of your bet amount. This move will save half of your deposit at the game.

These are some of the important terminologies associated with the blackjack game. You will often find people using these terms when they play blackjack on the Mega888 apk. Download the apk to get such experiences.

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