How to Choose a Seat Around the Poker Table

by Olivia Lee

Poker is a game that takes strategy and skill, andthe dynamics of who sits where around the table can alter how you play your hand.

Many poker players forget about the position they are sitting in when playing at a table. But it does make a difference, depending on where you are sitting around the table. For example, if you’re on the button (the player who is last to act), then your opponents’ hands will be revealed before yours and that can affect how aggressive or passive you should plan to play.

So the next time you’re enjoying your poker at Kasino, be keen on where you sit at the table. Where you sit at a poker table matters in terms of adapting your strategy.

Seat Positions at a Poker Table and How they Affect How You Adapt Your Strategy

The blinds

Being in the blinds can affect how many hands you choose to play, or how tight or loose you want to be. If you’re on the big blind (the first player to act preflop), then your actions will force your opponents into making decisions. This is because they’ll need to put in a raise if they don’t want to see a flop for free. Sometimes this can lead them to make irrational and poor decisions and sometimes it will take them out of their comfort zone. However, if you feel like playing more aggressively and willing to pay oversized bets at times, then consider taking the small/big blind position at your next poker game!

The Button

Being the last player to act on every round of betting is something that beginners should consider trying at least for some time and ensure you play toward the beginning. You get to see everyone’s action before your own and this gives you an advantage over them.

If you want to play tight, then you can be sitting in one of the blind positions, allowing you to choose when it’s good for you to enter the game. But if you want to play more aggressively (betting, raising), then choose a seat around the button (the “On” button).

The Cutoff Seat

The cutoff seat around the poker table is usually one of the best positions to be seated at. This seat is usually one of the earliest areas to act after the blinds, but it also sees action before other players in middle and late positions. This means you’ll have some good control over the game, especially if you’re willing to play aggressively.

Final words

Choose a seat around the poker table wisely to maximize your chances of winning. If you are new, it is best to sit at the dealer’s left or right side so that they can help you when needed. Beware of sitting behind someone who has many chips because this person will likely act aggressively and may be difficult to beat. The next time you come for some Texas Hold’em action, keep these tips in mind when choosing where to sit at the poker table!

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