Casino jargon busted: What are some of the more obscure terms you need to know about?

by Olivia Lee

Playing casino games has been a popular way to have fun for many years now. In modern times, the explosion of casino gaming over the internet has pushed the whole industry to new heights. But why are casino games so popular still? The simple truth is that they are excitingand come with the prospect of winning money.

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Before you get started playing casino games though, it is best to know the jargon involved. This will ensure you understand what is happening in a game. While most people know the basic casino slang, you might not be familiar with the more obscure lingo that is sometimes used.

Obscure casino jargon 

If you want to get to know some of the more out-there phrases in casino gaming, then there are lots to get going with. ‘Cracking the Nut’, for example,simply means you have made a net profit from a session, after taking your expenses off any winnings. ‘On Tilt’ is an obscure phrase which is used to describe a player who engages in erratic, losing behavior after losing a hand. If you hear the term ‘Juice’ mentioned, this is not talking about someone taking a drinks break! Instead, it is another way of referring to the house edge a casino has over players.

More obscure casino phrases to understand 

The above are just a few of the more obscure terms you find in casino gaming – there are plenty more though! ‘Down to the Felt’, for example, means that you are out of money and out of the game. ‘Blind Bet’ is sometimes heard in poker but is not above keeping your eyes shut when playing. Instead, it refers to a player who bets without looking at his initial cards. A ‘Dime Bet’ is not actually a bet for a dime but, in fact, for $1,000. One other very obscure piece of casino jargon is ‘Pigeon.’ This simply refers to a player who is doomed to fail, as they are just not very good.

Getting to know casino jargon is wise 

As we have already noted, it is worth getting to know casino jargon so you can understand what is going on when playing. Whether it is key blackjack terminology or phrases for other casino games, this is true. This not only includes basic terms like payout, croupier and all-in but also the more obscure jargon you might come across.

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